My First DAW

This is my first blog in general given this a bit of a As for were I started I got to say back in late 1999. Had a good friend of mine working at an urban clothing store. When out of the display case their was a first issue of Sonic Foundry Acid 1.0 I believe. I ended up paying $20 for as I recall. My very first DAW for making music with only one CD of I think

With such limitations I still headed on without a care in the world. Producing what I could at that time I felt so determine just to make something for the first time. Till this day I still have some of those recordings on actual tape. I use to frustrate my X cause during that time I would ended up at her house recording and making music on her computer for hours. And I do mean hours. Locked in with no sense on anything else around me. Just the sound coming through the speakers trying to finish something to jam out to. You understand...

Thats a bit of my start...hope to share a lot more